House of Orthopaedics

The AAOS has over 70 committees that report under its current Governance Structure. The majority of the committees report to one of the Councils or Cabinet with several committees reporting directly to the AAOS Board of Directors.

The Councils and Cabinet are an organizational subdivision that encompasses a major functional area of the AAOS. It is created by the Board of Directors, and its existence is not time-limited. The function of the council/cabinet is to plan, organize, direct, and evaluate an entire category of AAOS programs, products, and services. A Cabinet differs from a Council in that it serves the entire AAOS structure. There are three Councils and one Cabinet:


Council on Advocacy

  •  Wilford K. Gibson, MD - Chair

Council on Education

  • Paul Tornetta, III, MD - Chair

Council on Research and Quality

  • Robert H. Quinn, MD – Chair

Communications Cabinet

  • Jennifer M. Weiss, MD – Chair

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