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Exciting things are happening in Washington, DC and the nation for orthopaedists in every community. Many of these things are the direct result of orthopaedists getting involved and making their voices heard. Some of your fellow residents have jumped in and participated in these efforts, as well. There is no better time than NOW, to become involved in shaping the political landscape for the betterment of our patients. We invite you to join us in this effort.

Here you will find a central hub, a roadmap, from which to find out more about AAOS' efforts on your behalf in Washington, DC and elsewhere. You can also find out how the Academy works. Furthermore, you will find information regarding what other residents have done to become politically involved at the national and local levels. The AAOS has a strong tradition of being politically active and making its voice heard. In fact, the Political Action Committee of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (Orthopaedic PAC) is currently the second largest medical specialty PAC and growing everyday.

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There are also many ways to get involved after you have finished your residency:

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