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3 Critical Concepts to Understand Acute Elbow Instability

February 01, 2014

Contributors: Francesca Fissore, MD; Stefano Mortera, MD; Roberto Rossi, MD; Antongiulio Marmotti, MD; Filippo Castoldi, MD; Davide Blonna, MD; Davide Blonna, MD

Keywords: Bony Procedure

Instability of the elbow is particularly challenging for orthopedic surgeons to manage, especially those who are not elbow specialists. In this educational video, we discuss three key concepts of acute elbow instability treatment: surgical anatomy, biomechanics (the elbow is more stable in flexion and pronation and less stable in extension and supination), and pathogenesis of acute posterolateral elbow instability. These key points are described using anatomical and surgical videos and explanatory drawings. After watching this video, orthopedic surgeons will know how to treat patients with acute instability of the elbow, and why these three concepts are so important.

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