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Anatomy, Pathology and Physical Examination of the Scapho-Lunate and Luno-Triquetral Joints

February 01, 2014

Contributors: Roger P van Riet, MD; Frederik Verstreken, MD; Matthias Vanhees, MD; Matthias Vanhees, MD

Examination of the wrist is difficult to perform correctly because of the size of the carpal bones and the complexity of the ligamentous structures. This video will focus on the anatomy, examination, and pathology of the scapho-lunate and luno-triquetral joints of the wrist. After a brief review of bony and ligamentous anatomy, the anatomical landmarks of the carpal bones and ligaments will be shown. These landmarks will be used to conduct the most important tests during examination. Fluoroscopic video images will be shown to clarify the movements of the carpal bones. The tests will then be repeated with the skin and tendons removed to gain a full understanding of the tested ligamentous structures. Finally, pathology to the ligamentous structures will be created progressively, and the examination will be repeated. After watching this instructive video, orthopedic surgeons will be able to fully understand the anatomy of the scapho-lunate and luno-triquetral joints and ligaments. Also, surgeon should be able to correctly perform and interpret the Watson and Reagan test results.

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