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A Simple Method To Perform The Real Acetabulum In Dislocated Hips

February 01, 2014

Contributors: Nicolas Restrepo Giraldo, MD; Nicolas Restrepo Giraldo, MD

Introduction: Hip arthroplasty in dysplastic hips are increasing; probably the most difficult part of this technique is to find and work the real acetabulum. This video shows a reproducible and easy technique to find and prepare the real acetabulum in Crowe III or IV dysplastic hips Methods: Application of this technique in 84 dysplastic hips over 8 years, shows the rationale of this technique using X-ray, CAT reconstructions and surgery in two different patients.

Results: Perform this thechnique in difficult hips Crowe III= 52 Crowe IV = 32 , and using different cup sizes: 44 = 26 (31%) 46= 36 (43%) 48 = 22 (26%) Conclusion: Dysplastic acetabulum sometimes is difficult to find; their small size makes it easy to create fractures and disruptions.

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