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Fixation of Odontoid Fractures with an Anterior Screw. Surgical Technique

February 01, 2014

Contributors: Paulina De La Fuente, MD; Selim I. Abara, MD; Felipe Novoa, MD; Andres Leiva, MD; Arturo Olid, MD; Manuel Valencia, MD; Manuel Valencia, MD

Introduction: Fractures of the axis are common traumatic injuries of the upper cervical spine that are associated with a high rate of morbidity and mortality. Odontoid fractures are the most prevalent C2 fracture subtype. The treatment of these injuries remains controversial, with options that include both nonsurgical and surgical strategies. Anterior approaches such as anterior screw fixation allow the surgeon to directly reduce and fixate the fracture itself, maintaining atlantoaxial rotational mobility.

Objective: This video describes the surgical technique of odontoid fracture fixation with an anterior screw. Patient selection and adequate surgical technique are fundamental to a successful surgery. This video also describes indications, functional outcomes, and postoperative management for this procedure.

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