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Intra-articular Glenoid Fracture: Open Reduction Internal Fixation

March 15, 2015

Contributors: Sanjit R Konda, MD, FAAOS; Maxwell Weinberg, MD; William Ryan, BS; Michael J Alaia, MD, FAAOS; Michael J Alaia, MD, FAAOS

Keywords: Bony Procedure

BACKGROUND: Scapular fractures are traditionally caused by high-energy trauma and may be treated operatively or nonoperatively. Indications may include large glenoid rim fractures, significant intra-articular injuries, or those that significantly medialize the glenoid, as well as fractures concomitant with a floating shoulder. Literature has supported good outcomes both with operative as well as nonoperative management of the latter injury pattern. Being that these cases are relatively rare, this presentation will discuss treatment of a young male patient with a type III scapula fracture associated with an AC separation, frequently called a floating shoulder.

PURPOSE: A demonstration of the technique for repairing a grade III intra-articular glenoid fracture using open reduction and internal fixation via a deltopectoral approach.

METHODS: The current concepts in intra-articular scapular fracture are reviewed. Special consideration paid to indications, classifications, and surgical technique. The key steps and a demonstration of the surgical technique are performed in this video.

CONCLUSION: Although traditional nonoperative treatments for scapular fractures have been successful, in some cases, open reduction and internal fixation may be an effective option with a low complication rate. This video provides a case presentation of surgical technique for the treatment of a type III intra-articular scapular fracture.

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