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Locked Plating of Distal Femur Fractures

February 12, 2016

Contributors: William M Ricci, MD

This video is a lecture discussing locked plating of distal femur fractures. If intraarticular comminution is suspected, evaluation may include oblique radiographs and CT scans in addition to AP and lateral radiographs. Surgical goals and stable vs rigid fixation are discussed. An algorithm for operative vs non-operative routes is described, and the three options for treating distal femur fractures are presented, including ORIF, intramedullary nailing, and total joint arthroplasty. Problems with traditional plating are illustrated, including the joint falling into varus. A technique for a periprosthetic fracture is demonstrated, and pearls include prepping the leg, using a small incision over the lateral femoral condyle for exposure, aligning the plate first with the proximal fragment, and adjusting sagittal and then coronal plane alignment. Other techniques for the repair of an intraarticular distal femoral fracture are discussed. Risk factors for failure of locked plates are discussed, and the importance of optimizing stiffness is emphasized. Dynamic locked plating is illustrated and discussed.

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