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Chapter 01 Video 1: The Stiff Elbow: Arthroscopic Management Of Elbow Arthritis And Elbow Arthrofibrosis

July 02, 2016

Contributors: Scott P Steinmann, MD

Elbow arthroscopy has become more popular over the past decade with indications including tennis elbow, OCD, and osteoarthritis. This video demonstrates set up and technique for post traumatic osteoarthritis. Table setup and portal placement are shown. Debridement is carried out on the anterior compartment, loose bodies are removed, and the capsule is resected. A switching stick maneuver is used to switch the camera from the medial to lateral side and the capsule is released here, and care is taken to protect the radial nerve. The posterior compartment is debrided, a final visual inspection is carried out, and the portals are closed.

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