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Chapter 69 Video 1: Femoral Osteocondroplasty and Acetabular Labrum Re-fixation in Femoroacetabular Impingement

November 07, 2016

Contributors: Alessandro Masse, MD; Alessandro Aprato, MD; Marco Favuto, MD; Alberto Nicodemo, MD; Reinhold Ganz, MD; Guido Grappiolo, MD; Antonio Campacci, MD

Surgical dislocation is currently widely accepted as an effective treatment of femoroacetabular impingement in selected cases and, if properly performed, has not shown major complications such as avascular necrosis. Recently this technique has also gained popularity in certain types of acetabular fracture because of its 360o access to the acetabulum. Combined transverse and posterior wall fractures, transverse multifragmentary fractures, and T-type fractures are the most common indications for this technique. Surgical dislocation allows direct reduction of the intra-articular fragment; posterior-wall and column fractures can be fixed with one or two plates and the anterior column with two screws; and extra-articular screw placement can be verified. Various authors have shown that in selected acetabular fractures, surgical dislocation can be safe and effective. In this video, we present all the steps to perform this technique.

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