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Anatomy Revisited: Medial Longitudinal Foot Arch

March 01, 2017

Contributors: Hannelore Boey; Francis Van Glabbeek, PhD; Geoffroy S Vandeputte, MD; Joris Robberecht; Joris Robberecht

2017 HONORABLE MENTION Adult acquired flatfoot deformity is a frequent clinical entity leading to invalidating symptoms in middle-aged patients. This video discusses the anatomy of the static stabilizing structures of the medial longitudinal foot arch, including the plantar fascia; the talocalcaneal interosseous ligament; and the spring ligament complex, which consists of the tibionavicular portion of the superficial deltoid ligament, the superomedial bundle of the calcaneonavicular ligament, and the inferior bundle of the calcaneonavicular ligament. With the help of a gait simulator, the video illustrates the effect of sectioning these ligaments. Based on the anatomic characteristics, we suggest a reconstruction technique to repair the spring ligament complex.

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