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Arthroscopic and Endoscopic Lateral Lumbar Discectomy: A Historical Review

February 10, 2018

Contributors: Nader Toossi, MD; Parviz Kambin, MD; Parviz Kambin, MD

This video consists of two parts. In the first part of the video, Dr. Parviz Kambin, a pioneer in minimally invasive spine surgery, recounts the history of endoscopic lumbar microdiskectomy. He provides a quick historical review of the scientific developments that paved the way for current endoscopic lumbar microdiskectomy. The second part of the video demonstrates endoscopic lumbar microdiskectomy in a 35-year-old man who has severe back pain with radiation to his left lower extremity. All nonsurgical treatment options failed in this patient. He was diagnosed with a large, left-sided posterolateral lumbar disk herniation at the level of L4-L5. Dr. Kambin and the surgical team used a bilateral biportal approach to retrieve and remove the disk fragments. The outcomes of endoscopic lumbar microdiskectomy are presented in three tables near the end of the video. The first table presents the outcomes of a prospective study comparing open lumbar diskectomy and endoscopic lumbar diskectomy. The second table shows a comparison of preoperative and postoperative imaging studies (MRI and CT). The third table presents the postoperative results of 169 patients stratified by level and location of the herniation.

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