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Distal Femoral Replacement for a Pathologic Fracture Due to Metastatic Breast Cancer

February 10, 2018

Contributors: Alexis M Lee, BA; Ian O'Connor, BS; Rohan Sampat; Laura Sonnylal, BS; James C Wittig, MD, FAAOS; Justin M Miller, DO; Justin M Miller, DO

Distal femoral replacement is a technique commonly used by orthopaedic oncologists to manage primary sarcomas. Experienced surgeons translate their knowledge to creatively manage any situation. Continued advancements in modular segmental components have made distal femoral replacement a dependable prosthetic option with outstanding mechanical survival rates. In patients with a pathologic fracture of the distal femur, standard options for open reduction and internal fixation or intramedullary nailing may not suffice. The bone infiltrated by the tumor will be extremely weak, and attaining proper fixation with stability to achieve union may be impossible. Distal femoral replacement will eliminate dependence on poor bone and soft-tissue quality, facilitating immediate weight bearing, range of motion, and increased quality of life in patients in whom time may be limited.

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