HOT TOPIC: Decision Making in the Treatment of Femoral Neck Fractures in the Elderly


With an aging population comes an increased emphasis on the management of femoral neck fractures, and keeping their clinical and social consequences in mind is essential for achieving good outcomes. Given the importance of this topic, we had developed Femoral Neck Fractures for Orthopaedic Knowledge Online Journal in 2003. While many of the technical considerations remain relevant, recent clinical work has led to a substantial evolution in the practice patterns of many orthopaedic surgeons. Notable among these changes are lessened reliance on reduction and fixation in unstable fractures and a shift toward total hip arthroplasty. This article focuses on recent clinical literature and its influence on contemporary decision making for treatment. Given the increasing use of hip replacement as a treatment alternative, video is provided to highlight the nuances and demonstrate the technical considerations inherent to total hip arthroplasty in the setting of femoral neck fracture.

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