Growth-Friendly Techniques for Managing Early-Onset Scoliosis


Progressive early-onset scoliosis results in abnormal pulmonary development that may have a significant effect on the quality and duration of life. Because of this, growth-friendly treatment strategies are used to alter the natural history of such scoliosis and maximize patients’ pulmonary development. These strategies include casting and surgical techniques aimed at avoiding spinal fusion, manipulating growth, and guiding the development of the spine and chest. Serial, derotational casting has become an excellent growth-friendly treatment for curing or containing early-onset scoliosis and preventing progressive deformity. In addition to such casting are fusionless surgical techniques for permitting growth of the spine and thoracic cavity of children with early-onset scoliosis. This article focuses on the technical aspects of casting and dual growing rod instrumentation as two literature-supported options for treating early-onset scoliosis.

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