Arthroscopic SLAP Lesion Repair in a Baseball Pitcher


Dr. Craig Morgan performs an arthroscopic SLAP (superior labrum from anterior to posterior) lesion repair on a 20-year-old right-hand dominant college pitcher with a disabled throwing shoulder. The patient exhibited mechanical symptoms, including the inability to pitch prodromally and progressive loss of range of motion with loss of internal rotation of the shoulder. When the SLAP event occurred, the patient's pain became more severe. The patient was treated preoperatively using sleeper stretches to address the glenohumeral internal rotational deficit caused by his posteroinferior capsular contracture and was therefore identified preoperatively as a stretch responder. After performing glenohumeral joint examination arthroscopically, Dr. Morgan repairs the SLAP tear, illustrating arthroscopic portal placement, superior glenoid rim preparation, anchor placement, suture passing, and knot tying. The patient's posteroinferior capsule is left to be treated conservatively with persistent stretching.

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