HOT TOPIC: Minimally Invasive Treatment of Dupuytren Disease


Although partial fasciectomy remains the standard treatment for Dupuytren contracture, especially for patients with severe or recurrent disease, the potential for a high complication rate and a lengthy recovery following this procedure has fueled interest in alternative treatments. Needle aponeurotomy and collagenase injection are two minimally invasive procedures for Dupuytren contracture that have gained recent popularity. Each allows rapid recovery and lower risk of complications compared with fasciectomy. Minimally invasive treatment is an attractive alternative for patients who feel that lower risk and relative ease of recovery more than offset the likelihood of earlier recurrence. Collagenase injection is technically easier, but is limited with respect to both the number of areas that can be treated simultaneously and how closely multiple treatments may be scheduled. Needle aponeurotomy has a longer technical learning curve, but is less expensive and has more flexibility in treating multiple areas and bilateral disease.

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