AAOS Registry Analytics Institute™


The AAOS Registry Program is a central group of orthopaedic registries that provides standardized and consistent data. Utilizing this data, AAOS hopes to optimally measure performance and value, create and recommend informed reimbursement and treatment standards, develop education programs that address practice and treatment deficiencies, and continually and collectively improve patient safety, treatment, and outcomes. In addition, related benchmarking services will provide compelling comparisons of multiple levels of aggregation and highlight opportunities for further performance improvement. The Registry Program supports AAOS’ mission to serve its profession to provide the highest quality musculoskeletal care by defining quality in a value-based health care landscape. AJRR is the Registry Program’s hip and knee replacement database and is the cornerstone of the program.


The goal of the AAOS Registry Analytics Institute™ is to provide a resource to the scientific community to further understand and improve orthopaedic and musculoskeletal care by making analyses available to examine outcomes related to orthopaedics. The Institute gives clinicians and clinician-scientists the opportunity to submit proposals for analytic insight that are contained within its various Registries. The structure of the application process utilizes members of the AJRR Research Projects Subcommittee (RPS) and the AJRR Data Committee to provide oversight and constructive peer review of external analyses request applications. Data analysis will be completed by AAOS Registry Analytics team members for all approved proposals. 

To participate in data analysis collaboration with the American Joint Replacement Registry, please fill out the AAOS Registry Analytics Institute Application and send it to AnalyticsInstitute@aaos.org. A new version of the application will be available by February 3, 2020. 


Analyses requests are open to investigators who have a well-defined hypothesis or question related to orthopaedics or musculoskeletal care. For this initiative, “investigators” do not include representatives from industry, federal agencies, commercial entities, insurance companies, administrative databases or hospital consortia.

Request process

The application process has two steps. In the first step, applicants submit a preliminary application for RPS review.  If the RPS approves the preliminary application, in the second step the applicant will be asked to submit a full application.  The application cycle dates are provided below.


Applications can be submitted until 7 pm (Central Standard Time) on the day of the deadline. Submissions received after the deadline will be deferred to the next review cycle. When a preliminary application is submitted, the proposed project enters the AAOS Analyses Request and Publications pipeline, which includes:

Preliminary Application Review 

Figure 1: Preliminary Application Review, Summary Flow Chart


Full Application Review

Figure 2: Full Application Review, Summary Flow Chart


Available Data:

The Registry Program collects data related to procedures and post-operative care.  Depending on therequest, your analyses maybe limited to a >65 years of age population.  View a full list of data elements.

Data Analysis:

Approved projects will work with AAOS Registry Analytics team to develop analysis plan and timeline for project. At the completion of the project, investigators will receive a completed, de-identified analysis.

Funding Award


The AAOS Registry Analytics Institute (RAI) provides eligible applicants with funding to support approved RAI projects. Funds are intended for use towards travel related expenses and registration to supported conferences for presentation of their RAI project.  Awards are based upon merit and funding availability. 

Conferences must be a meeting with scientific merit, CME credit and a focus on arthroplasty.  Funding is limited to a maximum of $3,500 per project.

Funding is available to eligible individuals and organizations (excludes representatives from industry).  Those interested in applying need to identify their request in the Preliminary and Final application. Individual applicants must be United States residents. In accordance with the publication policy, the AJRR Research Projects Subcommittee (RPS) has final approval regarding funding.  To ensure conference criteria are met, at least 2 weeks prior to submission of an abstract, award recipients must submit conference details to AJRR for final approval (sent to AnalyticsInstitute@aaos.org) .  All travel will follow AAOS travel reimbursement guidelines.


Publication Policies:

Scientific Publications.  Recipient shall ensure that all proposed scientific publications (including manuscripts and abstracts for presentations) arising from the use of the analyses provided pursuant to this Agreement are submitted to AAOS for review and comment at least one month prior to submission for publication or making public any information that has been derived utilizing the Registry Reports.  Any reasonable amendments requested by the AAOS with regards to its analyses will be incorporated. The AAOS reserves the right of veto.  If AAOS staff or volunteer leaders collaborate with Recipient on a scientific publication, such individual or individuals will be listed as a co-author in accordance with guidelines issued by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Recipient agrees to acknowledge the contribution made by the AAOS in all publishable work arising from analysis and will provide copies of such publications, presentations and abstracts to be placed on the AAOS website. The acknowledgement must include the following wording:

 “This article is based [in whole] [in part] on reports and/or analyses from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ American Joint Replacement Registry (AAOS).  AAOS is not responsible for and does not necessarily endorse the analysis or conclusions in this article.”

Commercial/Promotional Claims.  Any public commercial/promotional claims or statements, whether issued in electronic (written, audio or audiovisual) or print format, made by Recipient that are based on or are derived from the Registry Reports shall be complete and accurate excerpts from finalized publications that have been subject to the process set forth in Section 2(b) herein.  Such statements also must include a legend or footnote in conspicuous size and type that reads as follows:

“The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) is not responsible for the claims made in this [advertisement] [statement].  AAOS does not endorse companies or their products.”

Manuscript Reviews:

Manuscripts are submitted to AAOS for review and comment at least one month prior to submission for publication or making public any information that has been derived utilizing the Registry Reports.  Any reasonable amendments requested by the AAOS with regards to its analyses will be incorporated.

Below is a checklist designed to provide you with a simple way to ensure that your manuscript is ready for submission to the AAOS Registry Program manuscript review process and minimize the risk of delays occurring before peer review can start. To reduce the chance of your manuscript being returned to you, please review this document. Manuscripts should be sent to AnalyticsInstitute@AAOS.org.

AAOS Registry Program Manuscript Review

Pre-Submission Checklist

            Project Scope:

  • Does the manuscript scope align with the approved application?

            Author Information:

  • Have you provided details of all your co-authors?
  • Are all project co-applicants named as co-authors?
  • Please ensure that you have disclosed any possible conflicts of interest.
  • Valid and unique e-mail address for each author.
  • All authors have read and approved the most recent version of the manuscript.
  • All authors’ institutions are given.

            Acknowledgements and disclaimers:

  • Have you included the correct AAOS acknowledgements and disclaimers (please check website guidance for AAOS Acknowledgements)?
  • Have you included the appropriate title suffix?


  • If your manuscript contains material taken from other sources it must be cited appropriately and permission given by the copyright owner if it is copyrighted.

            Manuscript presentation:

  • Have you embedded any tables into the main text? Have they been cited in the text? Have you provided appropriate table legends?
  • Have all references been cited in the text?
  • Have you supplied any supplementary files and appendices in an acceptable format? Have they been cited in the main text?

Internal Manuscript Review Protocol

Manuscripts will be reviewed by RPS members. The RPS member(s) who reviewed the original application are in the best position to review the resulting manuscript.  However, this may change based on the number of manuscripts submitted, and therefore, rotating reviewers may also be implemented.

AAOS staff will track manuscripts review and submissions to journal via the AAOS analyses request management system.  A project portfolio will be developed for the website. 

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the AAOS Registry Analytics Institue.