Surgical Risk Reduction Toolkit

The intent of the Surgical Risk Reduction Toolkit is to provide physicians with strategies to mitigate risk factors that have been demonstrated to contribute to complications. This toolkit includes:

  • A full review of major surgical risk factors
  • A temporal approach to addressing risk factors – preoperative, intra-operative, postoperative
  • Multilayered content stating general information and delving into deeper detail with guides to help reduce risk

This guide will have a positive effect on orthopaedic practice, patients’ preoperative and overall health, reduce complication rates and help surgeons ensure the best possible outcomes

Preoperative Risk Factors

Optimize your patients’ preoperative risk factors (e.g., nutrition, diabetes, depression, etc.) to reduce postoperative complications and improve outcomes.

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Intraoperative Risk Factors

Be prepared and have a plan to address critical situations during surgery.

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Postoperative Risk Factors

Address critical postoperative risk factors (e.g., blood mgmt.) and prepare patients for recovery and discharge.

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