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ALI Webinar Series: The Innovation That is Transforming the AAOS
July 6, 2021
7:15 PM - 8:15 PM CT
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Webinar Director: Wayne A. Johnson, MD, FAAOS, FACS


AAOS Members that attend this webinar should refine their skills and develop a greater knowledge of the AAOS Innovation initiatives as a part of the AAOS Leadership Institute Level 3 education process. Participants will engage in discussion about the difference between creativity and Innovation.  Members will have the opportunity to learn about the AAOS Innovation initiatives in each of its four Councils.


At the conclusion of this webinar, learners should be able to:

·         Learn how the AAOS Membership Council is utilizing innovation with its MyAAOS program, enhanced member services, communication and diversity tools, and more.

·         The AAOS Education Council and its new Education products such as the OVT, virtual education, Resident Curriculum, OITE, and more.

·         Have the opportunity to learn about the Research and Quality Council efforts including the Biologics Dashboard, safety tool kits, plan for CPG’s and AUC’s, Registries and more.

·         Learn how to get involved with the AAOS Advocacy Council’s Congressional Ambassador Program, OrthoPAC, Advocacy Center, and gain valuable advocacy insight with the Bone Beat and more.

 For ALI Level 3 participants, this event fulfills one of five webinar attendance requirements

Faculty: David S. Jevsevar, MD, MBA, FAAOS; Douglas W. Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS; Elizabeth G. Matzkin, MD, FAAOS; Paul Tornetta, III, MD, FAAOS

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