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Webinar: Resident As Educator
July 27, 2022
7:15 PM - 8:15 PM CT
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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

This webinar is an AAOS Member Benefit!

Description: Participation will provide residents with tools to improve their effectiveness as surgical educators and a space to hone teaching skills through quarterly events, which will be moderated by AAOS faculty and Resident Assembly Education Committee members.

Learning Objective:

  1. Provide residents with tangible educational skills in the form of simple teaching models that maybe applied to teaching peers and medical students in a variety of clinical settings
  2. Develop residents’ understanding of physician leadership and teach clinical leadership skills for the resident level that may be carried into practice
  3. Deliver an accessible forum for conversation regarding peer-education and leadership across residency programs 
  4. Build a network of future educators and leaders at the resident level

Directors: Katherine Mallett, MD & Liana Tedesco, MD.

Faculty: Dan London, MD., Austin Beason, MD., Nicholas Perry, MD.

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