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Webinar: Filling the Gaps in the TKA Care Pathway to Improve Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction : How Kinematic Biomechanical Markers Provide Key Information and Enhance the Standard of Care in a Health Care System
November 30, 2022
7:15 PM - 8:15 PM CT
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Description: During this webinar, you will learn how biomechanical markers are valuable to surgeons, completing the diagnostic picture and filling the current gaps in the TKA patient care pathway.
The panel will discuss how kinematic biomechanical markers can play a significant role in key aspects of the TKA pathway to improve patient outcomes, with insight on aligning patient expectations, determining appropriateness for  surgery, the 4D concept for TKA, limitations in computer aided orthopedic surgery, and post-op management. We will also discuss the use of biomechanical data in the Health Care System for a new and improved patient pathway and Standard of Care.

We will describe the key biomechanical markers collected in the clinic setting during a Knee Kinesiography exam, and will explore the idea of this targeted approach to improve surgical efficiency in the health care system.

 Key learning points of this webinar series include:

·  The KneeKG system

·  Knee kinesiography and how it provides actionable information

·  Biomechanical markers associated with OA knee pain

·  Peer-reviewed studies dening clinical outcomes resulting from kneekinesiography

·  CPT Codes 96000 and 96004


Learning Objectives:

- Understand through evidence-based data how knee biomechanical markers relates to knee arthroplasty outcomes and patient satisfaction

- Review biomechanical markers from the literature that should be taken into account in TKA surgical planning which a Knee Kinesiography can precisely identify and quantify

- Understand how post-TKA management targeting knee biomechanical markers positively impacts knee arthroplasty outcomes


Speakers: Michael Suk, MD. & Dunbar, MD.

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