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Webinar: 3 Part Series: Residents Picking a Fellowship: Oncology/Spine/Pediatrics
March 23, 2023
7:15 PM - 8:15 PM CT
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Description: This webinar will be directed towards residents and focused on important factors to consider when selecting a fellowship, specically when considering spine, oncology, or pediatric specialties.

Example topics specific to each specialty include:

-How important is case volume?

-How much autonomy is needed?

-What questions should I be asking during interviews?

-What factors in a fellowship will prepare me for practice?

-How important is fellowship location with regards to desired practice location?

-Are certain fellowships better suited for private practice vs academics?

Learning objectives:

1. To understand key factors to consider when selecting a fellowship in spine, oncology, or pediatrics.

2. To understand how to elicit this information during fellowship interviews.

3. To understand how fellowship training may ultimately shape your practice.

Director: Brian A. Karamian, MD

Faculty: Meghan N. Imrie, MD, FAAOS, Caleb Yeung, MD, Kiran Alluri, MD, Kyle Walker, MD, MBA

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