Maintenance of Certification

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Obtaining the appropriate amount of CME credits and preparing for your secure "recertification" exam can be challenging. The Academy is committed to providing the CME resources you need to plan and manage your MOC process.

The online AAOS Learning Portfolio will help you check your progress by showing you how many CME credits you need and when.
The Learning Portfolio tracks your earned CME year by year.

CME credits on your AAOS transcript are sent directly to the ABOS to help you meet the requirements for MOC. Check your CME earnings and add new CME activity to your transcript by logging in at

MOC Requirements

  • Part I: Evidence of Professional Standing, which is assessed with peer review, confirmation of full and unrestricted licensure in all jurisdictions where a license is held, and hospital credentials.

  • Part II: Evidence of Life-Long Learning and Self-Assessment, which is addressed through 240 credits of Category 1 Continuing Medical Education (CME) that include a minimum of 40 CME credits of Self-Assessment Examinations (SAE).

  • Part III: Evidence of Cognitive Expertise, which occurs through a secure recertification examination pathway and required at 10 year intervals.

  • Part IV: Evidence of Performance in Practice, focuses on quality improvement model that includes a stringent peer review process and submission of case lists. The Board will obtain peer review of the candidate from certified orthopaedic surgeons who are familiar with their work, and get evaluations from the hospital chief of staff, chief of orthopaedics, surgery, anesthesia, and nursing staff in the operating room and orthopaedic wards. This information is reviewed by the credentials committee of the ABOS, who will decide which applicants are admitted to sit for the recertification examination.

    State Licensing Requirements

    Your state CME credits requirements for licensure may be different from the ABOS MOC program requirements. Here are two resources from the American Medical Association to assist you with your state licensing requirements:

    Links to State Medical Boards

    CME for Licensure