OKOJ, Volume 1, No. 2

Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty

Total hip arthroplasty has revolutionized the treatment of patients with end-stage arthritis of the hip. As the indications for total hip arthroplasty widen and the absolute numbers of primary total hip arthroplasties performed increases, the number of patients who require revision surgery for a failed total hip arthroplasty is also increasing.

The extended trochanteric osteotomy is a versatile surgical exposure that facilitates revision total hip arthroplasty. It provides a wide exposure that facilitates the removal of existing implants, correction of femoral deformity and implantation of revision components while allowing the surgeon to reconstitute bone-stock deficiency.

    • Keywords:
    • hip reconstruction

    • hip joint reconstruction

    • revision total hip arthroplasty

    • revision total hip replacement

    • anterolateral approach

    • posterolateral approach

    • vastus slide

    • trochanteric osteotomy

    • trochanteric slide osteotomy

    • extended trochanteric osteotomy

    • Subspecialty:
    • Adult Reconstruction