OKOJ, Volume 14, No. 12

Orthopaedic Infections

Joint infections and osteomyelitis present complex challenges of diagnosis and management that require a multidisciplinary treatment approach. These infectious conditions are increasing, particularly because patients with prosthetic joints and spinal hardware are living longer. The costs associated with orthopaedic infections are substantial and increasing. Efforts to prevent infections and provide adequate treatment are necessary to control costs, improve patient functionality, and reduce disability.

    • Keywords:
    • antibiotics

    • microbiology

    • osteomyelitis

    • prosthetic joint infection

    • septic arthritis

    Patient Safety and Core Competencies

    Patient safety is an essential component of surgical care. Surgeon leadership and safety knowledge are key to the implementation and maintenance of surgical safety programs. Such programs should be put into place to prevent adverse surgical events and improve surgical outcomes in all orthopaedic patients. It is important for the orthopaedic surgeon to be knowledgeable about the core competencies of surgical safety for surgeons, surgical patients, surgical teams, and surgical facilities. The regular systematic use of these core competencies is essential for the delivery of safe surgical care.

      • Keywords:
      • adverse surgical events

      • surgical patient safety

      • surgical safety competencies

      • surgical team communication

      Elbow Reconstruction

      Elbow arthroscopy increasingly is used to treat elbow stiffness. During the past decade there has been research into open and arthroscopic treatment of elbow arthritis, stiffness, and the role of ulnar nerve decompression during contracture. There are limited data available on the performance of newer designs of radial head and total elbow prostheses for patients with fractures and arthritis. The management of cubital tunnel syndrome and elbow instability is informed by large randomized clinical studies.

        • Keywords:
        • arthritis

        • contracture

        • elbow

        • instability

        • neuropathy