OKOJ, Volume 15, No. 4

Growth Factor Treatments for Obtaining Healing of Fractures

The complex cellular machinery that allows bone healing in response to injury is orchestrated by a finely tuned release of potent growth factors that induce stem cell homing, cell division, and differentiation. Physicians and research scientists have attempted to mimic this growth factor environment using exogenous protein; however, this complex milieu has not yet been re-created. Knowledge of the growth factors currently used and their potential applications provide orthopaedic surgeons with the knowledge required to successfully augment bone healing.

    • Keywords:
    • biologics

    • bone healing

    • fracture healing

    • growth factor

    Management of Periprosthetic Fractures

    Although periprosthetic fracture is an uncommon complication following total hip arthroplasty, treatment can be challenging and surgery is often required. It is important for the surgeon to be aware of the risk factors associated with this type of fracture.

      • Keywords:
      • acetabular fractures

      • femoral fractures

      • nonunion

      • total hip arthroplasty