OKOJ, Volume 6, No. 12

Current Concepts in Wrist Arthroplasty

Wrist arthroplasty offers an alternative treatment for severe wrist arthritis in carefully selected patients. Wrist arthroplasty is most commonly used in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, but it may be offered to patients with osteoarthritis or posttraumatic arthritis who can comply with permanent wrist activity restrictions. The indications, contraindications, pitfalls, complications, and basic surgical technique for wrist arthroplasty are discussed.

    • Keywords:
    • DRUJ

    • inflammatory arthritis

    • end-stage arthritis

    • total wrist replacement

    • total wrist implant

    • Subspecialty:
    • Hand and Wrist

Splinting ABCs: Upper and Lower Extremity Splinting in the Emergency Department

In this video-based article, the preparation and application of plaster and fiberglass short arm splints and short leg splints are demonstrated. The materials and set up for each type of splint are discussed in detail and the advantages and disadvantages of using fiberglass splints are outlined.

    • Keywords:
    • short arm splinting

    • short leg splinting

    • casting

    • casts

    • Subspecialty:
    • Trauma

    • Pediatric Orthopaedics

Physical Examination of the Shoulder

In this video-based, comprehensive shoulder evaluation developed by orthopaedic surgeons at Columbia University, step-by-step, hands-on instructions are provided for initial physical examination observation, cervical examination, palpation, range of motion assessment, neurologic examination, acromioclavicular joint special assessment, rotator cuff assessment, SLAP lesion assessment, impingement assessment, biceps pathology assessment, and scapulothoracic assessment.

    • Keywords:
    • Cervical examination

    • Spurling maneuver

    • anterior palpation

    • posterior palpation

    • active range of motion

    • AROM

    • passive range of motion

    • PROM

    • strength testing

    • deep tendon reflexes

    • Wright test

    • Adson maneuver

    • AC joint

    • acromioclavicular joint

    • cross flexion test

    • OBrien active compression test

    • OBrien test

    • load shift

    • apprehension test

    • relocation test

    • posterior stress test

    • sulcus sign

    • load shift positive

    • voluntary posterior instability

    • empty can

    • external rotation lag sign

    • internal rotation lag sign

    • belly press test

    • lift-off sign

    • rotator cuff tear

    • lag sign

    • anterosuperior escape

    • anterior-superior escape

    • SLAP lesion

    • Neer test

    • Hawkins-Kennedy test

    • Yergasons test

    • Speeds test

    • lateral scapular sliding test

    • wall push-up

    • Subspecialty:
    • Shoulder and Elbow

    • Sports Medicine