Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering Committee serves as a resource to the AAOS fellowship and the public for scientific and regulatory developments in the field of biomedical engineering as they relate to orthopaedic surgery, practice, and patient care. The Biomedical Engineering Committee collaborates with regulatory bodies, governmental and standard-setting agencies, the orthopaedic industry, and the medical community to advocate for the development and availability of safe and effective orthopaedic medical devices.

Scientific Exhibits (All in PDF format)

  • 2014 - Modularity in Orthopaedic Devices: At What Costs?
  • 2014 - A Call to Arms: Standards Determine Medical Device Availability & Surgeons must contribute to the Process
  • 2013 - Metal Sensitivity Testing And Associated Total Joint Outcomes
  • 2012 - Analyses of Device Outcomes: Success or Cause for Concern
  • 2010 - Adverse Event Reporting - An FDA Requirement: What, When, Who & How


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