Unified Orthopaedic Research Agenda

The mission of the Unified Orthopaedic Research Agenda (URA) is to advance science and research in musculoskeletal care through a unified research strategy. Continued and additional funding of these research priorities is necessary to improve function and mobility and reduce the socioeconomic burden of orthopaedic disorders.

The URA was developed as a communication tool for organizations like the Academy, specialty societies, and individual researchers.

Two versions of the URA will be updated annually by the AAOS Research Development Committee, with input from the Board of Orthopaedic Specialty Societies. The URA is sent to the AAOS Council on Research and Quality for review, and then the AAOS Board of Directors for final approval.

Research Priorities for the Unified Orthopaedic Research Agenda: 

Updated September 2016; Approved December 2016