Research Roadmap - Desktop

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Step 1: Fund Your Study

IRB and grant quick-links, tips, and guides on approval and funding options for your study

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Step 2: Plan Your Study

Checklists and standards for planning assistance during the design phase of your study

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Step 3: Appraise Your Study

Assess potential risks of bias in your study design to support approval and data collection

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Step 4: Analyze Your Data

Compute simple results or link to free tools for generating sample size, power, randomization, and complex data analysis

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Step 5: Prep Your Manuscript

Checklists to verify inclusion of standard study components prior to submission

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Step 6: Submit Your Manuscript

List of direct links to criteria and conditions for submitting to the appropriate journal of choice

The study appraisal forms are consistent with AAOS methodology and were developed using GRADE, QUADAS-2, and QUIPS instruments. The study planning and manuscript preparation guides were independently designed but are consistent with the STARD, CONSORT, and STROBE study checklists.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to contact Kyle Mullen or Ryan Pezold