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Case Study: Distal Radius Fractures

This case involves a 62-year-old, slender Caucasian woman, who injured her wrist after a fall from ground-level height. Imaging studies demonstrated a distal radius fracture, and bone density testing showed the patient had significant osteoporosis. Ultimately, the patient’s fracture was treated with a dorsal spanning internal fixation plate.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, the learner should be able to:

Perform an appropriate history for an adult patient with a distal radius fracture.
Describe the pathophysiology of distal radius fractures.
Perform a diagnostic workup for an adult with distal radius fractures.
Discuss the role of bone mineral density testing in the evaluation and management of elderly patients with distal radius fractures.
Discuss nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for distal radius fractures.
Recognize potential complications arising from initial injuries.



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2.00 CME

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