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10.00 CME

Orthopaedic Fundamentals Scored and Recorded Self-Assessment Examination 2022 Online

2022 Orthopaedic Fundamentals Self-Assessment Examination
Robert J. Esther, MD, FAAOS, Editor-in-Chief

ONLINE, Scored and Recorded
10 SAE CME; 100 multiple-choice questions
CME for this program expires on 1/31/2025

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The Orthopaedic Fundamentals Examination reviews core topics to strengthen your skills across these essential orthopaedic areas of study:

Anatomy Imaging:
This examination will help improve your understanding of anatomy with careful use of imaging studies that are presented to highlight the findings related to common orthopaedic conditions. This information will allow you to improve your diagnostic skills and to plan safe and thoughtful surgical care.

Musculoskeletal Tumors and Diseases:
Strengthen your evaluation, diagnostic, and treatment skills for primary bone and soft-tissue neoplasms and their simulators, including both benign and malignant conditions. Review the latest classification and surgical staging systems. The exam will help the learner develop increased understanding of evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment options for:

•  Benign and malignant primary bone and soft-tissue tumors
•  Proliferative synovial processes
•  Metastatic disease, myeloma, lymphoma, and metabolic bone disease
•  Genetically transmitted musculoskeletal oncology diseases

Orthopaedic Basic Science:
Deepen your understanding of basic science principles and research design to interpret and manage practical clinical problems. Assess your knowledge of biomaterials, musculoskeletal tissues, biomechanics of injury and healing, and mechanisms of disease.



Completing this examination will help you:

• identify important factors in the evaluation of imaging findings in orthopaedic conditions.
• apply understanding of anatomic findings to patient management.
• identify important factors in the evaluation of musculoskeletal tumor patients.
• recognize, evaluate and treat metastatic disease of bone.
• interpret research studies including assessing for appropriate design and conclusions.
• identify biologic processes that allow normal function of the musculoskeletal

Online Learning Platform

Access examinations via the AAOS online learning platform, with a mobile-friendly interface. Enhance your learning experience with these features and functions:

• Easily navigate content, change display preferences, take notes, and mark items of interest
• Access resources and educational links for further learning – including valuable discussions and commentary, rationale for the correct answers, and links to PubMed references
• Pinch and size enhanced graphics to full screen on any touchscreen device
• Take the exam in scored and recorded format, and then access the quiz-builder for a completely customizable experience

Self-Assessment in MOC

Credits earned by completing this Scored and Recorded Special Interest Self-Assessment Examinations can be applied to the scored and recorded self-assessment requirements as mandated by the ABOS Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process and will count toward the CME credit requirement, as well.


10.00 CME

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