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10.00 CME

Foot and Ankle Scored and Recorded Self-Assessment Examination 2020


Explore the current diagnosis and treatment recommendations
for both common and uncommon but clinically important
foot and ankle problems. Determine factors contributing to
complications associated with treating patients’ foot and ankle
complaints. Explore treatment options for diabetic, athletic,
degenerative, and traumatic abnormalities of the foot and ankle.
Identify the extent of your knowledge and inspire investigation into treatment
options in the foot and ankle domain.

Earn up to 10 CME credits; 100 multiple-choice questions.


As a result of completing the 2020 Foot and Ankle Self-Assessment Examination,
I am able to:
• describe the diagnosis and treatment of patients with foot problems due
to diabetes.
• formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan for ankle and hindfoot arthritis.
• determine factors contributing to athletic ankle complaints.
• identify important factors in the evaluation of traumatic injury to the foot
and ankle.
• diagnose and treat pediatric foot and ankle deformity.
• determine the appropriate patient management procedures for forefoot deformity and pain.

10.00 CME

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    • Candidate Member - $104.00
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    • Resident Price - $78.00

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