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Debridement for Open Fracture

March 01, 2016

Contributors: LTC Mark Philip McAndrew, MD; Alexander C McLaren, MD

This video demonstrates the surgical debridement typical for an open fracture. Most of the footage is a case of an open tibia fracture treated by the 8th Forward Surgical Team in Afghanistan. The goals of debridement for a traumatic wound are discussed. Cleaning and draping are demonstrated, and patho-anatomy is examined. The techniques for a thorough exposure are demonstrated, and debridement is done sharply. A tourniquet is used sparingly. Foreign material and devitalized tissue are removed. Longitudinal vascular structures are preserved. Irrigation is carried out at low pressure. Debridement of a second case with more extensive soft tissue damage is shown, and vascular preservation is further discussed. Devitalized bone fragment removal is demonstrated in the original case. Fracture reduction is discussed.

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