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Chapter 02 Video 1: Difficult Exposures from the Anterolateral Approach

November 07, 2016

Contributors: Tad M Mabry, MD

The purpose of the following video segment is to demonstrate some of the specialized techniques developed for achieving better exposure via the anterolateral approach at the time of a total hip replacement. The surgeon can anticipate a more challenging exposure in a number of different circumstances including prior surgery, deformity, stiffness, heterotopic bone or in patients with obesity and/or significant muscle bulk. This 54 year old gentleman has a longstanding history of significant pain and stiffness. He had an old slipped capital femoral epiphysis which was treated nonoperatively. The following is a demonstration of the exposure methods used during his total hip replacement. The abductors are split proximally into the gluteus medius and extended distally in line with the vastus lateralis. The hip capsule is excised and the hip dislocated. Techniques for a difficult dislocation are discussed. Retractor placement for the femoral neck osteotomy are demonstrated. A four retractor placement is demonstrated for acetabular exposure. A three retractor placement is demonstrated for femoral preparation.

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