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Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of the Lisfranc Complex

March 01, 2019

Contributors: Harmeeth Singh Uppal, MD; Harmeeth Singh Uppal, MD

Lisfranc injuries are uncommon; however, if untreated, these injuries may result in deformity, chronic pain, and midfoot arthrosis. Lisfranc injury may include disruption of the first through fifth tarsometatarsal joints and various fracture patterns that involve the metatarsals, the naviculocuneiform articulation, and the cuboid. Controversy exists regarding the benefits of open reduction and internal fixation versus arthrodesis. Regardless, anatomic reduction is essential to attain a good functional outcome. This video shows the surgical approach and the reduction and fixation strategy for a high-energy Lisfranc complex fracture-dislocation.

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